Freedom Motors signs Memorandum of Understanding for Strategic Partnership with Stratus Environmental

December 09, 2018

Dixon, CA (PR) December 9th, 2018, Freedom Motors and Stratus Environmental are pleased to announce a strategic partnership between the two enterprises to develop biogas generation technologies and solutions to mitigate carbon emissions and fight global warming.Landfills, waste water treatment plants and agricultural waste are sources of biogas that has a large percentage of methane. Because methane is 86 times more effective than CO2 at retaining heat, many earth scientists believe that methane should be of greater concern than CO2 for its impact on global warming. Developed by Freedom Motors, the Rotapower® rotary engine can use biogas as a fuel to generate electricity at low cost and it is tolerant to common biogas contaminants. By preventing the biogas from being flared or released directly to the atmosphere the Rotapower engine can make a meaningful contribution to reducing global warming gas emissions.Stratus Environmental is a full-service...

Centrigent and Mindsets Collaborate to Integrate Innovative Digital Solutions into Human Capital Development and Healthcare Services

December 10, 2018

Dubai and Beirut, December 9, 2018 – Mindsets, a global strategy and decision advisory firm, and Centrigent, the UAE’s leading company in Consulting 4.0 and technology solutions, signed a collaboration agreement to bring the expertise from both firms to benefit their clients and their industry. Centrigent core expertise is integrating new technologies into traditional businesses to achieve better customer experience, higher efficiency and productivity, and improved revenues and margins. Mindsets employs a mix of quantitative and qualitative analytical tools to provide high-quality analysis and delivers strong results to its clients in its areas of expertise: Strategic Management, Investment Analysis, Risk Assessment, and Data Analytics. The two companies, with focus on healthcare and education and human resources development, will support their clients’ digital transformation plans by providing proven and tested Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based products, with an end...

Seriously, Now Is The Time to Buy AYTU BioScience (AYTU) Stock, For The “Only” Reasons

December 10, 2018

Look, there are opportunities in the market that get overly publicized by often biased journalists, and then there are some that you need to dig to find. Aytu BioScience, in even another sense, is one of those're lucky if you find it kind of stocks. And, for investors that listened to the LD Micro Main Event conference on Tuesday, or plan to hear the company presentation replay at , they will likely understand correctly what I mean when I consider investors lucky to get AYTU shares at these levels.Even easier for some, many like to be delivered opportunity, so, here you go. At its core, Aytu BioScience (: AYTU) is a commercial-stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on commercializing unique treatments that have the potential to revolutionize the standard of care in large medical areas, especially those areas in desperate need for more available and effective treatments. That's a long description,...

Why Entrepreneurs Must Pause And Celebrate

December 10, 2018

There is so much to celebrate in life, work, and the lives we lead. Yet, far too often we accelerate through the praise and push forward to the next project. Entrepreneurs struggle to acknowledge their own success because from their perspective there is so much more to be accomplished. EmpiHER® Magazine understands this first hand as its contributors and writers jump into the lives, businesses, and brands of its empire building, entrepreneurially spirited readers. And with the beginning of Volume 2 for EmpiHER® launching this month they are only getting stronger and going deeper with meeting you where you are at, being that trusted resource for your business, and helping you bring forth the next evolution of your EmpiHER®. With over 10 experts, 12 issues, 160k readers, and millions of words written, EmpiHER® Magazine helps the modern day entrepreneur build their business and brands - their empires- however they see fit.Grab your copy...

Manhattan Transfer Registrar Co. completes move to New York

December 11, 2018

Manhattan Transfer Registrar Co. (“MTRCo”) is pleased to announce that it  has completed a corporate move and transition from its Erie, Colorado office to Port Jefferson, New York. Effective immediately, MTRCo will continue to operate solely out of New York. MTRCo now has new management as well.Earlier this year, MTRCo’s former head, John Ahearn, resigned from his position to pursue other professional opportunities. Desiree Carlo, John Ahearn’s daughter, now heads MTRCo as the company’s President.  MTRCo also welcomes two other new members of the management team: Dean T. Hough, Esq., as Vice-President and Roland Nezaj as Chief Financial Officer.  Dean and Roland state, “We are excited for this opportunity. We look forward to working with MTRCo’s issuers and their shareholders and ensuring MTRCo provides timely, compliant, professional transfer agent service.”  MTRCo anticipates posting employment opportunities at the company in 2019. About...

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December 10, 2018


Modern Body Clinic Giving Back, Helping Families

December 12, 2018

Modern Body Clinic is sponsoring a donation drive for Save the Family. The drive will run Dec 7th to Dec 21st. Save the Family helps families coming immediately out of homelessness,providing stable homes and equipping families to achieve self-sufficiency. Modern Body Clinic is asking current patients and community members to bring donations. Those who bring in donations will have the chance to win services ranging from injectable nutrients to body contouring services like SculpSure.About Save the FamilyThis year marks 30 years of service to the most vulnerable community members across the Valley. Save the Family began serving homeless families when they acquired four housing units in 1988. Soon after they were housed, families recognized the need for services to support their journey into self-sufficiency. They provide a full array of support services to help their clients succeed; financial literacy education, career development support, budgeting... Survey: 30% of Crypto Enthusiasts Jaded, Abandoning Bearish Cryptocurrency Markets Citing “Complexity”

December 10, 2018

A new survey from , a retail crypto investment app that lets users create a cryptocurrency portfolio in just sixty seconds, has found that the wintry grip of the ongoing 2018 bear market has left investor sentiment at rock bottom. The survey also found that many still foster strong hopes for the future of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry – with a majority of respondents saying that more user-friendly platforms were needed for crypto to reach mainstream adoption.The state of mind of retail investors in the beleaguered cryptocurrency markets was today revealed by , a fintech startup that aims to make cryptocurrency so accessible, users can create a complete cryptocurrency portfolio in just one minute.The release of the survey results follows shortly after Bitcoin’s most recent sell-off, which saw it in the early hours of December 7, 2018, to reach a new 2018 low. While the short-term forecast is gloomy, many spectators are waiting on the...

Investors queue to obtain St Kitts and Nevis citizenship in unprecedented numbers: “Good things are happening here in St Kitts and Nevis,” says PM Harris

December 10, 2018

A record number of investors queued this year in the hope of obtaining the citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis. The small Caribbean twin-island nation created the first ever Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme in 1984 which allows reputable individuals who invest in the country’s economy to apply for its citizenship. Government officials recently reported that, up until November, more applications had been submitted in 2018 than over the past four years.The spike in demand was partly credited to the new investment option, known as the Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF), introduced in March, 2018. The SGF is often quoted as the . In return, successful candidates can enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to nearly 160 destinations worldwide. In the long term, the new economic citizens and their descendants can benefit from their investments, as they would be contributing to their adoptive country’s future development. Their impact is already felt on the islands, as...

Quality Assurances at - Delivering Services That Work

December 05, 2018

Quality assurances are vital for corporate travellers looking to stay in corporate accommodation. They provide the additional comforts that high-profile clients require before booking their stay. puts quality assurances front and foremost by utilising technological applications like a housekeeping and inspection app, along with a 156-point checklist algorithm on supplier apartments.  NPS (Net Promoter Score) facilitates quality assurances by providing a decisive management tool that can gauge the loyalty of guest/member relationships.   Quality are the bread and butter and businesses and represent a guarantee of rigorous standards. In the ever growing serviced apartments industry, they are vital to success and failure.  According to the GSAIR Global Serviced Apartments Industry Report 2018/19, the number of serviced apartments globally...

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